It’s said that “what goes around, comes around.” Does that have something tofile000136430790
do with cycles and learning and getting out of the grips of unconscious habits?

Come the new year, almost everyone takes a moment or two to contemplate the past and pull up a few new possibilities for the future.  But sometimes, we don’t pay attention to how the past and future are tied together.

We forget the past leaves its imprint on the future’s palette of possibilities. We neglect to take charge and make sure the imprint on the future yet to come is what we want it to be – and not just a repeat of the past as it has been. How to do this?

1st:  Take Charge Of Your Mind

First, you need to rein in your mind, bringing it back from remembrances of the past that you don’t wish to repeat. If you meditate, you’re ahead of the game. This is especially true if your practice revolves around bringing your wandering mind back to a specific anchor point, like the feel of your breath at the tip of your nose, or the rising and falling of your belly that happens with every breath. A mind allowed to roam freely is an undisciplined mind and will be of no help to you in creating a future different from your past.


2nd:  Take Charge Of Your Imagination

Once you’ve harnessed your mind and brought it back to the moment, take charge of your imagination and consciously create images of what you want your future to be as if it is already so. If you want money, make images of your bank account full.  If you want to be thin, make images of yourself looking the way you want to appear.  The brush strokes of your imagination are very powerful; but to know this as reality is to have given it a try. Then, you can see for yourself.

3rd: Never Give Up

Once you decide to give it a go, you will save yourself much heartache if you understand that you will have to engage in these two steps perhaps 50 to 100 times in a day – sometimes even in an hour when whatever is going on in the present has really gotten you down.  This 3rd step is absolutely key to an eventual success.

4th: Get Your Support From The Inside

Many people try to use external means to support their efforts – like creating lists, videos, attending support groups, listening to motivational audios, etc..  These are fine. But in reality, the best support you can get is from going inside and accessing the strength and courage you need to engage in that act of disciplining your mind and imagination.

No one else can do that for you – and it is what has to be done.

The Power Of Discipline

Tying up the past before you start the future means taking charge of your mind and imagination.  The past is over and the future is not yet here.

When you use the steps above, you can consciously finish with the past and begin the creation of your new future in the present moment of now.

The power of disciplining your mind and your imagination is no different than disciplining your muscles. Disciplining the mind and imagination to do what you want them to do can’t be overestimated.35456076_s

And when you end up having to do it 100 times in a day, over and over, don’t beat yourself up.  This is totally normal and necessary. Our minds and imagination have been running wild, free to go where they wish, seemingly forever.

If you want your life to change, these are the first steps to consciously harnessing the power of your creative potential and directing it toward the life you truly want to live.

Give it a go and experience what happens.  But remember to hang in there.  I won’t lie. It is hard, and it does takes time and effort. BUT the payoff is greater than we could ever imagine!

Much love,