‘The Psychology of The Mystics’
An Advanced Primer For Spiritual Seekers

Breakthrough To A New Level Of Awareness

Introducing The Astonishing Heart Of Mystic Wisdom
7 Transforming World Views For A Happier, More Compassionate And Conscious Daily Life

Below is The Psychology of The Mystics video. This is the first of six videos in Module One of my 8 week on-line training and mentoring program called The Genius Of Mystic Psychology.  I decided to share this video publicly in order to clarify the specific practical wisdom that I’ve been working with for almost 30 years.  Shifting our ordinary psychology to match the psychology of the mystics has been proven to catapult our innate capacity for conscious living to exciting new heights.
I left this video unedited to give you a glimpse of the quality of the training modules and a chance to discover how you resonate with my approach and voice.   That’s why you’ll hear references to a live call, a series of videos called The Beggar’s Secret, and also see a slide suggesting homework.
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Now that you know a bit more about mystic psychology, would you like to shift your own psychology to match the psychology of the mystics in daily life? If so, I offer you the option of exploring this mystic wisdom in de-coded form.

You can do this in two ways:  1) read my book, Unflappable - 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered & Peaceful No Matter What; 2) explore what it means to dive into my 8-week private mentoring program called:

The Genius Of Mystic Psychology

Here you'll learn how to use this psychological wisdom to accelerate your own personal evolution. You'll discover exactly how to alleviate the frustration and impatience of second guessing your choices and behaviors.  You'll receive the key that releases the angst of decision paralysis.

And you'll be given a proven 6-step process for how to make the mystic's wisdom your most practical and powerful source for conscious awareness when meeting the challenges of everyday life.

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