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Love In Action:
Inspired NLP To Help You Help Others

Enjoy learning as you listen to Ragini delightfully weave together her 4 decades of expertise in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Hypnosis with her equally long & deep love of practical  wisdom, mindfulness, conscious living, and spiritual inquiry.

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Whoever you are, Coach, NLP Practitioner, Therapist, Consultant, or regular Human Being, you're sure to pick up a few fresh perspectives listening to the power and promise packed into Love In Action. Ragini has helped thousands find more happiness in personal life and a deeper sense of satisfaction in their professional success.

If you'd like to hear some refreshing views on personal growth, spiritual inquiry, and how to be happy no matter what you're doing, you'll want to check out Love In Action: Inspired NLP To Help You Help Others. 

For Ragini, that means something very specific - something every person can learn, if you so desire. She'd love to have you tune in and check it all out.