Setting Yourself Up For Success

7 Steps To Get Reachable Outcomes For Your Clients

How To Make Good On Your Unspoken Promise For Success

If You Want To Be The Best You Can Be

Start Today With 7 Details Crucial To Enlivening Your Strategies For Success  And Moving Your Clients Toward Their Desired Goals


Here's a secret only successful long-timers know. Great clients don't just want their outcome. They want to feel seen and heard. They want to believe you understand them and can help them find their way.  AND they want practical solutions as quickly as possible. 


Give them all of this and not only is your great referral assured,
your bank account will expand as well. 


Your Mark Of Genius Is In The Details offers 7 animated videos, each highlighting 1 of 7 crucial strategies essential to delivering ALL of your client’s desires.  As unspoken as many of those desires are, they are there - and critical for success - and those great referrals.


Here are the topics included in Your Mark Of Genius Is In The Details

  • The Big Power Of Little Words
  • 6 Words That Recolor Everything - Whether You Like It Or Not
  • The Golden Egg That Buys Everything
  • Why Don't They See What I See?
  • The Fail-Proof Words That Always Validate Your Client's Reality
  • Staying Out Of The Friend Zone
  • A Powerhouse Strategy For Avoiding Burn Out

Attending to details means more ways to help your client experience insights and uncover their hidden potentials.


Details are rich with information.  They help you quickly unlock the puzzling circumstance hindering your client
from reaching their goal.

Your attention to detail provides more opportunities for your client to:


Catch a glimpse of their untapped wisdom 


Enjoy a whiff of their unique individuality


Hear and feel the rhythm of their personal process

I'd love to be a part of your ongoing commitment to excellence. You can get started right now for my special introductory price of $27.  That's just $3.86 for each video! It won't be this price for long, so jump on board today.


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Once you've purchased this easy and fun course supporting your quest for professional, personal and financial satisfaction, here's what you'll receive:


7 Videos:  I've tried to keep the length of these videos around 15 minutes each. That's short enough to enjoy with a cup of coffee while you sneak in a few bites of fun, easy learning during your busy day. In addition, information offered in small bites is more easily absorbed and transformed into personal knowledge – and then of course, sculpting that into skill is what I’m committed to helping you accomplish.

Humor To Help You Learn:  Humor is a great boost to learning. So I’ve tried to provide lots of opportunities via animation so you can chuckle while you SOAK up the new strategy.

Lifetime Access: The entire program will live on my website, and you'll have access throughout your lifetime (that is - as long as the internet remains up and running).

A Quiz For Each Video:Each video comes with a downloadable quiz designed to help you discover any questions or confusions you weren't aware of while watching the video. And don't worry. The answers are also tucked in at the end.

Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee:  If you complete the program and feel you learned nothing of value, just email me explaining your experience and I'll send you a refund - no questions asked.  I'm one of the good guys and I'd like to keep that notion afloat

Your Investment:   Just $27 for the entire course! This works out to just $3.86 for each video - less expensive than a specialty drink
at Starbucks! A pretty great deal when you remember your coach has over 40 successful years in the field – without spending one dollar advertising for clients.  Why not check me out with this introductory program. The easiest way to satisfaction and  success is great referrals due to great skill – and that’s an outcome that feels absolutely fabulous!

BONUS! 7 Steps To Access Your Client's Inner Spiritual Guidance - Clients often think you're wiser than they are and will ask you for spiritual advice or guidance.  If you don't wish to do that, you'll appreciate this Bonus!  I created this process to direct clients to their own guidance resting on the inside.  I think you'll find it simple, helpful to you, and powerful for your clients. You'll be able to download the PDF upon purchasing the course.




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