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Your Personal Guide To The Beggar’s Secret
And The Joy Of Being Unflappable

Learn The Unique & Life-Changing Facticity® 6-Step Process

Discover The Esoteric Strategy That Can Change The Way
You Choose To Live Your Life By Embracing ONE Simple Insight!

Once you’ve learned how to embrace
both the good stuff and the bad stuff that comes your way,

You will find inner peace
a happiness that stays with you
no matter where you are, what’s happening, or how you feel.

This is the crux of the mystical wisdom presented in my new book –
Unflappable – 6-Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, and Peaceful No Matter What 

Until you discover how to embrace opposites, dilemmas, paradox, and duality, you have no choice but to grab for the good stuff, and avoid the bad stuff.

This drastically limits your potential for emotional freedom and inner peace.

Setting up the ‘good’ against the ‘bad’ is what creates anxiety in your mind, stress in your body, and confusion in your soul.

For example, isn’t a great deal of daily life activity shaped by your desire to be smart (and not stupid), attractive (and not repulsive), wealthy (and not poor), accepted (and not rejected)?What you may not realize is that this difficulty is being created by your Unconscious Mind.

If being happy and mindful, and living your spiritual values in daily life, is as easy as no longer going after what you like and avoiding what you don’t like, why not just stop doing it?

Well . . . if you’ve given it a try, you already know how extremely difficult that is.

Awakening your Unconscious Mind to this tiny, but transforming bit of mystical wisdom means:

  • Fewer power struggles—at work, at home, and inside your mind
  • Less fight, flight or freeze reactions when trying to make decisions
  • More calm and confidence flowing in your body
  • Less stress and anxiety disrupting your focus
  • More emotional freedom and comfort being yourself
  • Greater ease accepting things as they are while still working to make them better

Before you read on, please click on the video just below, and I’ll tell you more about how The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded will benefit your life—and why it’s in your highest and best interest to learn how to be unflappable in everyday life.


What Students Are Saying About The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded On-Line Training

“If you ever find yourself stuck—whether it’s your job, your spouse, your health or your money – The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded is the only training you will need to stay happy, centered and peaceful no matter what is going on around you.  And paradoxically, you find yourself with more of what you really want. I highly recommend it.”
                        Joanne McCall, The Media Polisher, Portland, OR

“Have really struggled over the last twenty years expecting my spiritual practices to sort out life in duality. Now I’m beginning to learn how they SUPPORT this life. Just separating out my work vs. play dilemma onto paper has been a great help. Thanks so very much.”
Steven Peet, United Kingdom

“Incredible accomplishment! Your attention to detail is amazing; the content is rich and full; your artistic touches are delightful; your voice soothing and competent. Amazing amazing ! Thank you Ragini for being such a loving and precious light to my (and our) world!”
 Deborah Miller, Seattle, WA

“I loved this course!  Ragini’s online presentations were very well done with lots of new insights, wisdom, and good humour to keep me engaged. The group calls were so valuable to my learning, and very motivational. Ragini generously gave her heart and time to each of the participants. I began feeling riddled with guilt and frustration, constantly going back and forth between trust and doubt.  Now I feel  quite at peace with both and yet more strongly connected to the Divine.” 
Shirley Seeger, Hawaii 

“The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded is a wonderful gift! When a person leaves you with the realization… why didn’t I see this before?… that’s a real teacher in my book. Ragini has developed an affirming and motivating way to deepen into the truth of what is.  Some feat! This work is as beautiful as it is precious.  Skill, wisdom and clarity – wrapped up with love.”
Jen Clark, Edinburg, Scotland

“I am more centered and peaceful as a result of this eight-week training. My perspective opened by leaps and bounds and I experience life differently now.  The benefits really hit home on both personal and professional levels. Thank you for the gift of being “Unflappable.”
Alison Zecha, Hawaii

“An incredible teleseminar training! All of the Modules in The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded were amazing, just like Ragini’s kindness with teaching and answering our questions. Thank you Ragini.”
Leilani Aimoto – Hawaii

“WOW! Audio, video, PowerPoints, poetry, photographs, additional CD meditations & handouts to use with modules–just excellent!  I downloaded your audios as I am so impressed and want to continue to process the information. My perspective has changed so that I’m less “flappable” and more engaged in my life in a joyful way.  Anyone taking this class will gain a deeper perspective of the workings of duality and how to manage everyday life changes more gracefully.”
Kathryn White, Seattle, WA

Discover How To Feel Secure Living In An Uncertain & Paradoxical World

The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded trains you in the Facticity 6-Step Process—a precise and proven system that gives your amazingly powerful, intelligent, and committed Unconscious Mind this new option for how to deal with opposites. (In daily life that translates into dilemmas, predicaments, and quandaries, or basically, what’s known as duality.)

Yin Yang Leaf ImageThis new option for how to respond to opposites is based on this stunning bit of de-coded wisdom (noted above) from the Psychology of the Mystics—a bit of wisdom usually not revealed until the very end of most spiritual journeys.

But now … it’s time to say it clearly right up front … and make it easy to digest so your brain knows exactly what you want it to do for you. Using what you learn in this training can spare you years of unnecessary pain and suffering.

I’ve been talking about it throughout all my videos and my website—and here it is again:

Learn to recognize and embrace opposites.

And that means learning how to live with paradox.

It took some time, but with the help of my amazing students and clients (and a lot of guidance from known and unknowable sources), I de-coded this mystical gem. Letting it guide your daily life decisions makes your body relax, your heart and soul jump for joy, and your mind say,

Why didn’t someone tell me this before?”

When you realize how pervasive, and inescapable, opposites and dilemmas actually are, you’ll want to learn the most efficient and effective way to navigate all the emotional and mental turmoil these tough little guys create.

Where does this turmoil show up? In your dealings with all the dilemmas that come up in the course of a day, demanding you make a decision between two options only, like:

My Needs or Others?          Spend or Save?           Accept or Reject?
Approve or Criticize?        Speak or Be Silent?        Be Honest or Lie?
Trust or Doubt?                  Good or Bad?            Right or Wrong?

Please stay with me to the end here because I’m not only going to share the specifics of this truly life-changing training, I’m going to share exactly who it’s best suited for, and who it’s definitely not for.

OK, now let’s get specific.

Since your time is valuable, let me get right to the point and tell you exactly what you get when you decide to join in and receive The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded in your brain and body.

What You Will Get In This Online Training

This On-Line 2-Month Video Training Program guides you through my simple and powerful Facticity 6-Step Process providing you with a precise and proven map for embodying your spiritual values in daily life.  And of course, I will be there right with you as your guide.  The Training includes:

8 Video Training Modules: Delivered once a week for 8 consecutive weeks, these modules present The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded with plenty of guidance for discovering the pervasive presence of opposites and the role they play in your daily life – as well as how to take the Mystic’s Wisdom and integrate its power and guidance into your daily activities. And you’ll learn exactly how to use my 6-Step Process to accomplish that goal. Each module will contain a series of short (9-12 minutes)video segments in honor of your busy life, and the realization that learning happens best when delivered in small bites. You’ll need to plan about 60 to 90 minutes a week to go through each Module.

Live Calls with Ragini8 LIVE Group Mentoring Calls: Once a week, for 8 weeks,  you have the option of talking with me personally so I can instantly help you with any challenges, questions, or objections that pop up during that week’s training module.  If you can’t make the scheduled calls, I’ll still be available to you via email.

8 Downloadable Actions Guides: Things for YOU TO DO to make sure you understand each Step. That includes how to use it in your everyday decision-making process demanded by the dilemmas and predicaments that go with living in a world full of opposites (also known as duality). You’ll need to plan about 30 to 60 minutes a week to complete each Action Guide.

Mystic Quotes & Guidelines: A multiplicity of wonderful quotes and mystic guidelines delivered to you in beautiful PDF formats.  Totally cool to make into your own little book of inspirational reminders.

Downloadable Videos, Slide Presentations & Audio Tracks: You can download and keep for your future use the Video Modules, slides from each Power Point Presentation and the Audio track that accompanies it.  Each Module contains 4 to 7 Video Presentations, with most ranging between 9 and 12 minutes.


Gift Card 2 Amazing Downloadable Hypnosis/Meditation CD’s: Supports this shift in perspective at the level of your Unconscious Mind, moving you closer and closer to the wonder of effortless effort—#1 Beginnings and Endings: relaxing with change; #2 Balancing In Motion. My voice combined with Original Music by Divyam Ambodha.

 7 Simple Steps To Accessing Your Personal Spiritual Guidance: Excellent tool to help you in any external situation or circumstance where you’re having trouble bringing clarity, wisdom, and action into the foreground – One of my original NLP processes to shift confusion into clarity.

 Confessions Of A Marketplace Mystic – (Downloadable PDF): 72 short poems, written by yours truly, over 6 years. These speak to the struggles and dilemmas of faith when your path to awakening rests outside a monastery, living on your own, while working and carrying on an ordinary life in a marketplace environment not conducive to the development of silence, presence, or awareness.

Lifetime Access To The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded Program: Once you’re my student, you can drop in to any scheduled calls relating to The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded at any time.  And, at no additional cost to you, go through the course over and over again as it’s updated, changed, or improved.  Yes, even after you’ve finished all the Modules, you can still show up for any scheduled calls and continue receiving the support and guidance you desire to live a more conscious, happy, and peaceful life.

Now the wonderful thing is that you won’t have to invest thousands of dollars to get all of this. Just stay with me here and I’ll explain.

But first, let’s go through the details of the 8 Modules where I’ll personally walk you through the 6 Steps giving you everything you need to embody this mystical wisdom. To use a modern analogy, you’re going to give your Unconscious Mind a much needed update from what I call Happiness 1.0 to Happiness 3.0. (Yes, it’s a BIG difference.)

These modules show you how to release that sense of being plagued by frustration and unhappiness, and how to make peace with being both divine and human—at the same time.

What You’ll Learn in the Eight Modules

Introduction: Cracking The Code for Human Happiness In this segment, you’ll become very aware of opposites and how they permeate your daily life and decision making process. You’ll learn how to recognize them when they arrive (in the form of dilemmas that can’t be fixed or permanently resolved) and how to distinguish them from the kind of dilemmas that can be fixed. And you’ll discover why it’s in your highest and best interest to cease setting up one as better than the other, and to embrace them both as they are, introducing you to the joy of living with paradox, rather than fighting against it.

Step One: Mapping Your Way Out Of Stuckness & Confusion Without Effort This module introduces Step One of the 6-Step Process, and shows you exactly how to make a map, complete with landmarks and roadside attractions, of any dilemma that’s giving you trouble so you can see exactly what’s going on in your own mind and why the dilemma is a recurring problem you can’t seem to get rid of.

Step Two: Going With ‘The Flow’ As It Unfolds This module introduces Step Two and clarifies the defining characteristics of the famous ‘flow of life’ that you can verify but can’t change. Because the flow of life is intimately involved with your dilemmas, you’ll discover the vital role opposites play in maintaining this flow, and what you have to do behaviorally to truly ‘go with the flow’ as it unfolds.

Step Three: Exactly What The Mystic’s Wisdom Has For You Here you’re introduced to Step Three and the mystical perspectives that answer your questions about why the ‘flow of life’ has to work the way it does, and the significance of your role within it. You’ll also explore purpose and meaning from an angle that’s slightly different than what you’re used to hearing.

Step Four: Comfort And Ease This section presents Step Four and shows you how to easily and quickly identify what’s stopping you from getting to your goal of feeling comfortable and at ease with those dilemmas that can’t be fixed, and the never ending decisions they demand you make. And remember—this is what’s making it difficult to live your spiritual values on a daily basis.

Step Five: Three Simple Mystical Perspectives In this section, you discover Step Five, and three simple mystical perspectives that can dramatically and immediately remove the obstacles from your path so you’re free and clear to move on, put stuckness in your past, and continue on your journey of saying ‘yes’ to whatever the flow of life brings your way.

Step Six: Now!  Into Your Brain For Lasting Change! In Step Six, you’ll take the wisdom you’ve now learned how to gather from your discontent, and install it into your brain. By using a specific technique that will lay down those new neural pathways, you’ll give your Unconscious Mind faster access to this new way of relating to opposites and polar pairs in daily life.

Conclusion: Keeping Your Mystic’s Wisdom Alive & Well From 9 to 5 In this final segment, you’ll learn additional ways to keep expanding your awareness of opposites, dilemmas, and paradox as they appear in daily life, and how to support the infusion of your new wisdom into your work life, home life, and the privacy of your mind.

The Mystic’s Wisdom De-coded Can Change Your Life

These modules REVEAL how you can help your Unconscious Mind actually absorb, digest, and then use this mystical wisdom. That means you discover how to train your Unconscious Mind to embrace polar opposites rather than engaging in an inner tug-of-war.

Theatre FacesCommon Tugs-of-War On The Inside:

  • Fearing hate and longing for love
  • Hiding from failure and racing after success
  • Avoiding being bad and striving to be good
  • Never acting mean and determining to be kind
  • Denouncing anger and standing for compassion
  • Refusing to be wrong and insisting you must be right
  • Condemning mistakes and demanding perfection
  • Criticizing doubt and praising faith

Deciding to fully explore the rest of the story behind creating your happy and mindful life frees you to:

  • Recognize and embrace paradox wherever it arises instead of setting up what you like against what you dislike
  • Keep your spiritual values alive and well as you participate in the world
  • Bring more awareness, joy, and reflection to all your daily activities—inner and outer
  • Bring a meditative presence to more of your activities throughout your day
  • Naturally be more positive

Be more present and optimistic about the future and yourself as you are today—even as you continue to do your best to become even better tomorrow.

In addition, you’ll:

  • Finally understand the necessary and powerful role these unpleasant experiences play in the larger scheme of things
  • Experience how this realization restores the essence of real inner peace
  • Explore 8 mystical guidelines that can change the way you perceive everything
  • Start getting the knack for greeting both the pleasant and unpleasant sides of life with acceptance, friendship, and receptivity.
  • Know with precise clarity exactly what it means to behave in a centered and balanced way in a world of never-ending movement and change.

And this wisdom applies whether you’re relating to friend or foe, thinking, creating, cleaning, cooking, practicing a skill, running, working out,
or sitting silently doing nothing.

So now that you know what you’ll be releasing and gaining, let’s just do a little review.

When You Join The Mystic’s Wisdom De-coded,
You Receive

the Power of 8A Comprehensive Video On-Line Training – In this training, I will be able to personally hold your hand as you discover precisely how to help your Unconscious Mind help you learn & apply the rest of the story behind creating your happy and mindful life. Embodying The Mystic’s Wisdom De-coded accelerates your personal transformation and shows you how to successfully navigate this next transition in your personal journey.

8 Video Training Modules Delivered Over 8 Weeks – As you learn the 6-Steps of The Facticity Process, your ordinary psychology begins to shift and align itself with the powerful perspectives of the psychology of the mystics. When you hear a truth about life, something deep inside awakens and creates that pull to explore, that call, that glimpse of something larger. You’ll discover how to get your brain, ever ready to learn new things, to embrace this wisdom and use it to help you harness the power of your Unconscious Mind and catapult your ability to create a happy and mindful life to a new level.

8 LIVE Group Mentoring Calls – You have the option to attend a live group call every week for 8 weeks – giving you direct and personal access to me so I can make sure you have all your questions answered and all your objections and concerns honored and handled – and all in a way that meets the needs of your personal process.  And – if you can’t make the scheduled calls, I’ll still be available to you via email.

8 Actions Guides With things for YOU TO DO to make sure you understand each step and identify and answer any hidden objections or concerns along the way.

Mystic Quotes & Guidelines A multiplicity of wonderful quotes and guidelines from the mystics throughout time delivered to you in beautiful PDF formats.  Totally cool to make into your own little book of inspirational reminders.

Downloadable Videos, Slide Presentations & Audio Tracks Download and keep for your future use the Video Modules, slides from each Power Point Presentation, and the Audio track that accompanies it.  Each Module contains 4 to 7 Video Presentations, with most ranging between 9 and 12 minutes.


Confessions of a Marketplace Mystic

2 Amazing Downloadable Hypnosis/Meditation CD’s – To support this shift in perspective at the level of your Unconscious Mind moving you closer & closer to the wonder of embracing paradox with effortless effort

7 Simple Steps To Accessing Your Personal Spiritual Guidance  – In any external situation or circumstance bringing clarity, wisdom, and action into the foreground – An original NLP process to shift confusion into clarity.

Confessions Of A Marketplace Mystic – (Downloadable PDF) 72 poems sharing the struggles and dilemmas of faith when your path to a conscious life rests outside a monastery, on your own, while working and carrying on an ordinary life in an environment not exactly conducive to silence, presence, or awareness.

Lifetime Access To The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded Program – Once you’re my student, you can drop in to any scheduled calls related to The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded at any time.  And, at no additional cost to you, go through the course over and over again as it’s updated, changed, or improved.  Yes, even after you’ve finished all the Modules, you can still show up for any scheduled calls and continue receiving the support and guidance you desire to live a more conscious, happy, and peaceful life.

Begin Your Training Right Now!  Today!
The Key To Happiness & Peace of Mind Is Awaiting Your Arrival.

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Your Investment

Your Life Path I want to make this simple and manageable for you because I’d really like to share this life-changing wisdom and guidance.

Your investment for all of the above – over 20 hours of the Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded especially designed for the emerging Marketplace Mystic in you – is only $497.

And in light of these difficult times, I’d like to make it that much easier for you to say ‘yes’ by offering the easy option of spreading your investment over 2 installments. 

For such a long time, I didn’t understand how all that suffering I was going through didn’t really have to be happening. If it’s the same for you, I invite you to check out this paradoxical path. It’s amazing what a difference it can make.

Whatever your path in life, it can only become easier and more meaningful with this tiny, but powerful piece of mystical wisdom in your Unconscious Mind’s pocket—and that happens when you also know how to deliver it to your brain, as well as to your heart and soul.

Incredible One-Year Guarantee!

Watch the Modules weekly and give yourself time to absorb them.  Read and use the Action Guides.  Do all the homework.  Join the LIVE Mentoring Calls.  And when you can’t, use your email access to me to clarify any confusions or to ask your questions.Stones Balancing

Then when you’ve completed the 2-month training, take another 10 months to watch this new ‘knack’ find its way into your everyday life.

We guarantee that if you complete the training and use the 6-Step Process in your daily life, you’ll learn to greet both the unpleasant and pleasant sides of life with a new acceptance, friendship, and receptivity –  that will both delight and surprise you.

If you aren’t completely and totally satisfied for any reason, call or write for a no-hassle refund.  It’s as simple as that.

Using Your Brain – The Fast Track To An Enlightened Mind

You’ll also get access to some of the newest notions in brain research. And you’ll discover how to take advantage of your brain’s neuroplasticity (or ability to actually lay down new neural pathways). Then this wisdom can become your brain’s wisdom, and not just a nice concept to talk about and mull over.

Using Your Mental AbilitiesAnd after all, wouldn’t you really like to be able to easily and comfortably have the knack for getting through those crazy and often frightening, frustrating, and overwhelming days of your life with a new depth of calm, presence, reflection, and certainty that you’re going to be ok—whatever happens?

Frankly, I have to say The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded shows you exactly how to do just that. Of course, I can only give you the steps. You’re the one who will take them and use them as often as you can, transforming this incredibly practical wisdom into your wisdom.

If you’re willing to do that—and your mind needs some answers you haven’t found anywhere else—this training is for you. If you don’t like to play in your mind, and you don’t have a deep respect for words and their power, then this training isn’t for you.

But . . . if you somehow just ‘know’ this training is right for you, click the button below right now and join me immediately in this fun, enlightening, and incredibly practical training.

 Discover The Rest Of The Story Behind Creating A Happy & Conscious Life Today.

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Heart Key

  • Imagine how your mindfulness, love, and awareness would grow if you could actually feel calm, present, and centered in the face of all the bad stuff life brought your way, as well as the good stuff.
  • Imagine what you could do to help make the world a better place when you could paradoxically be at peace with the world exactly as it is.
  • Imagine what it would be like to have your heart stay open, sending out love and compassion to all the folks on the planet who hold a diametrically opposing position to your point of view … and doing it without making them wrong and you right!

These are the kind of results thousands of my students and clients have reported after discovering there is indeed a way to gracefully and lovingly navigate opposites, paradox, dilemmas, and duality—and that way is revealed in The Mystic’s Wisdom De-Coded.

So if it feels right, make your commitment to help your unconscious mind help you and join this amazingly unique and powerful training that can start right now.

Learn What Most Spiritual Paths Wait To The End To Reveal
And Why That’s No Longer Necessary Or Practical!

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Much love,

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