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The 3 hidden paradoxes of work/life balance - an enlightened & transforming perspective freeing you to approach the inherent obstacles & confusion with a precise, clear vision, & empowered understanding

How to avoid being blindly driven by habitual and conditioned ways of reacting to overwhelm and frustration, including those unique to women, whether working for yourself or within a corporation

How to generate more actual freedom by learning how to reclaim time so you can meet the challenges of work/life balance with laughter and an eye for true choice

How to enjoy the here and now circumstance instead of blaming and projecting onto others, or feeling bad about avoiding what is yours to do

How to gain faith by maximizing your trust in the Whole, and yourself, so you can be a living example of actual work/life balancing in motion

How to easily give hope and positivity to others rather than spiraling into discontent about the overwhelming amount of work and number of impossible decisions that have to be made

Ragini Elizabeth Michaels is the creator of Paradox Management, a consciousness expanding method designed to give you greater inner peace and balance by transforming how you view reality.

Proof - How Ragini's Work Revealing The 3 Hidden Paradoxes
For Successful Work/Life Balance Has Worked For Others

Dr. Susan Connor - A Healing Vet

April Lane - April Lane Home Cleaning

Teresa Dahl - Dahl & Associates

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