We all deal with life’s ups and downs—but there is a way to stay happy, centered, and peaceful no matter what.

Did you know there are actually 3 brands of happiness?

Brand 1 – This is the most common brand of happiness. You probably experience this every day. It occurs in two familiar situations:

  • when you get what want: the raise, the lover, a new car, the loss of a few pounds
  • when you don’t get what you don’t want: you don’t get sick, get fired, or get in a fight with your partner

Facticity Steps Open DoorsI’m sure you’re familiar with the down-side too – this type of happiness departs almost as quickly as it arrives.

Brand 2– This spontaneous, more esoteric happiness arises for no reason at all. It’s an amazing feeling. And even though we all want this type of happiness, most people think it’s impossible, too hard, or reserved for the spiritually advanced.

Brand 3 – Facticity: This is the best brand of happiness for daily life because it’s long-lasting and will stay with you no matter what’s happening, where you are, or how bad you’re feeling. It offers a life-changing happiness because you’re clear how life really works. . .and you make it work for you.

That’s because the Facticity approach to happiness is more than just a feeling – it’s a sense of general well-being and satisfaction with life as it is – even as you strive to make it better.

Seem impossible? It’s not. Facticity is a how-to manifesto. It opens the door to an amazingly easy work-life balance, increased life energy, greater creativity, improved self-esteem, and true peace of mindno matter what is happening in your life!

Whew! Those are big promises!! But the Facticity 6-Step Process shows you exactly how to fulfill them! And…as a bonus…it also provides a bridge to that kind of esoteric happiness that occurs without a cause.

Seven Common Misconceptions That Block Happiness

If you haven’t experienced this third brand of happiness, it’s because your unconscious mind may be following out-of-date directions. You may still be running on Happiness 1.0 and not even know there’s a new version available.

The Facticity brand offers an up-grade to Happiness 3.0.

There are seven common misconceptions about happiness. Are any of the following familiar?
1 I can’t achieve happiness until all my unhappiness is completely gone – then I’ll just feel good.Facticity Opens Doors to Happiness

2 If I can’t control change, I’ll never have a sense of happiness & security.

3 Guarantees are the best way for me to successfully manage uncertainty.

4 In order to be happy, all I have to do is avoid the bad stuff and go after the good stuff with gusto.

5 All of my problems, inside and outside, are fixable and can be eliminated – if only I just meditate enough, be more positive, get more therapy, get my partner to change, or…

6 I can’t achieve peace of mind unless I remove all tension from my life and am fully relaxed.

7 I know opposites are an obvious part of life, but they’re not really relevant to my happiness or peace of mind

But these notions don’t lead to happiness – they only keep you on a frustrating treadmill.

The Facticity 6-Step Process shows you how to circumvent them and achieve long-lasting happiness.

Is Facticity Right For You?

Do you feel like you’re stuck on an emotional roller coaster and can’t get off? Despite your efforts at meditation, yoga, positive thinking, manifestation, exercise, community, and anything else, do you still struggle to:


  • Find your center when a relationship is falling apart?
  • Stay calm when the boss or your partner criticizes you?
  • Find compassion when a friend hurts your feelings – even when you’re still hurting?
  • Feel peaceful when the economy is in danger and the future of the world seems precarious?

Facticity 6 Step Process Opens Doors

Facticity shows you, in 6 practical steps, how to deal with these issues.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are a few of the hundreds of testimonials I’ve received from people who have undergone the Facticity 6-Step Program.
Real people – ranging from moms, artists, and teachers to small- business owners, lawyers, and CEOs —who share how Facticity transformed their lives and sense of self.


Discovering this work was a radical re-orientation for me personally.  The dark areas of my life that had once seemed so bad, have simply become ‘the way it is’ and not much of a relevant statement about me and who I am.” — Kirk VandenBerghe, PositiveProjections.com, Seattle, WA

Facticity is an excellent synthesis of my work as a psychotherapist and my own spiritual journey. It puts the spiritual into your behavior. I received much more than I expected.” — Karen Jackson-Forbes, Therapist, HBLU Trainer, Seattle, WA

This tool is terrific and incredibly valuable. It’s too easy to read a book, hear a speech, or see a video, and think I have a new skill when I don’t! Having a tool that gives my clients a neuro-physiological map of handling paradox is invaluable!” — Caryl Macleod, Managing Director, Cronos Consulting, Australia

The Facticity Six-Step Process is genius – 25 years of work presented in a stimulating, nourishing and understandable way.— Jay Schlechter, Ph.D., Psychologist, Seattle, WA

Very clear recipe for change. It works! Easy to track and to do!” — John Stacey, Ph.D., Psychologist, Eugene, OR

This work you have developed in invaluable! Of all the workshops I’ve attended, this seminar has by far been the most useful!” — Lorie Dwinell, ACSW, Therapist, Seattle, WA

I am stunned at the insights and changes possible using this approach both on an individual, therapeutic, and organizational basis! This is one of those rare experiences that integrates cognitive, emotional, and behavioral change.” — Steve Baily, Consulting Psychiatrist, Australia

I first met Ragini when I was desperately seeking someone to help me explain Systems Theory in easy to understand terms. She readily did that and then gave me so much more! She literally transformed how I see the world by showing me, over coffee, a ‘Big Systems’ perspective that clarified many of the dilemmas I had found ‘irresolvable’ in my life and which I had constantly seen played out in organizations.” — Greg Welch, Organizational Development Consultant, Seattle, WA

“Facticity uses the mind to optimize the functions of the mind occurring anyway! It opened me up to a deeper understanding of what it means to just be myself.” — Joseph Vidmar, Ph.D., Psychologist/Professor, Louisiana

“Breathes life into the concept of self-acceptance at every level. Allows a blossoming of relaxation with the way things actually are – moment to moment.” — Maybel King, MA, CQSW, Edinburgh, Scotland

Facticity is the fast track to an enlightened mind. — Dr. Judith Swack, Healing From The Body Level Up, Needham, MA

“Facticity is as rich and deep as any framework I know. A simple and elegant process to help people move from an either/or position to a both/and position. Ragini is both a dynamic and very grounded teacher and facilitator and able to convey theory and practice with simple grace. I recommend her and Facticity unconditionally.” — Dr. Andrew Hahn, founder of Guided Self-Healing, Lexington, MA

“Clear, precise and inspiring! Very practical wisdom that can be applied to the here and now of my daily life and professional life!” — Suryo Gardner, Psychotherapy & Energetic Healing, Seattle

The Facticity 6-Step Process is like a piece of really good art – pretty simple but timeless…I believe you have what John Nash was looking for in the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”—and that’s an original idea. So to you I say—Congratulations! Very impressive and deeply powerful!” — Erik Frye, cmc, Partner, One Accord, Seattle, WA

Going Beyond Happiness

I realize you not only want to live a happy and mindful life, you also want to help change the world. How can you do that?

Continue to be bold! Grab your pioneering chutzpa and accelerate your shift into a higher level of consciousness.How?

Allow me to personally guide you through this powerful Facticity 6-Step Process

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What Can You Do Now?

Are you excited by the possibilities of harnessing your own happiness and being more in charge? Are you ready to step up and truly change your life?

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The key resting just beyond meditation, being positive, present, and optimistic about the future is available right here, right now, and can truly change your life.Red Door

How You Will Be Different If You Take Action Now

Imagine your life after you’ve put this amazing process into action:


  • You’ll ride that unavoidable emotional roller coaster with clarity, presence, and relaxation
  • You’ll wisely accept your faults, problems, and limitations for what they are, even as you work to make them better
  • You’ll be more confident and at ease with who you are
  • You’ll have the know-how to live a happy and mindful life – regardless of where you are, what’s happening, or how bad you’re feeling!


If you feel the urge for inspired action, follow it and jump in now.

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That different brand of life-changing happiness is closer than you think. All you have to do is learn how to find it—and the map to its location is now available.

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I look forward to being your guide on this intriguing journey revealing the Mystic’s Wisdom, de-coded into  practical wisdom for how to fully embody your spiritual values in your everyday life.

With love,


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