I Want To Join You In This
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The Joys Of Mindful Decision Making

Based On Guidelines From Mystic Psychology

I Want To Learn The 3 Secrets That Reveal How To
Reclaim Time, Restore Balance, & Regain Peace Of Mind

I Understand This Is What I'll Discover In This Training


♥ The Female Entrepreneur's Unique Dilemma Creating Continual Struggle & Stress, Usually Just At The Edge Of Your Awareness & How To Resolve It


♥ The Powerful Three R's Essential For Female Entrepreneurs To Succeed At Work & At Home


♥ Why The Power Of Mindfulness & Meditation Alone Will NOT Do The Trick.  Learn What More Is Needed & How To Make It Your Own


♥ How To Deal With Your Unconscious Mind Which Is An Absolute Must If You Wish To Succeed In Your Business, & Feel Good About Who You Are, & Nurture Your Relationships


♥ Access To The Enlightening & Transforming Perspective From Mystic Psychology That Brings Focus, Freedom & Faith To The Forefront Of How You Make Your Decisions & Live Your Daily Life


♥ How To Make Peace With An Ongoing, Unconscious Fight For Your Identity: A Hard Ass Business Woman OR An Unconditionally Loving & Giving Woman?


♥ Four Precise Steps To Release The Stress & Frustration From HAVING To Make Unsatisfying Choices & Hard Either/Or Decisions


♥ The 3 Secret Pillars That Bring You To The Wonderful Sense Of Actually Having Enough Time & Balance In Your Daily Life


♥ Awareness Of All The Unconscious Expectations Sitting On Your Shoulders & Demanding Your Attention & Action


♥ A Simple Way To Prioritize The Complexity Of All The Opposing Needs & Demands That Usually Make Up Your Daily Agenda


♥ The 12 Insider Gifts Awaiting Your Arrival Via The Three R's. Uncover The Required Slight Shift In Perspective To Get Them Activated & Working For You 

Here's What I'll Receive

  • 6 Video Modules- Delivered Weekly With Bite-Sized Videos


  • Downloadable Slides & Audio Recording of Each Session

  • 6 LIVE Group Mentoring Calls With Ragini On Zoom


  • Two Private 30 Minute LIVE Consults With Ragini

  • Email Coaching: One Question A Day Mon -Thurs Each Week

  • Guarantee 7 Day Full Refund If Decide Program Is Not For You

  • Quiz With Each Module To Assure I Got The Main Points

  • Private Facebook Group For Discussion, Shared Questions, & Support

  • Lifetime Access To Mindful Decision Making Program

  • Gratitude & Reflection In A Slightly Crazy World - 36 Page E-Book

  • The Three R's For Female Entrepreneurs - PDF Chapter By Ragini

  • Expanded Sense Of Self, Confidence In Decision Making

My Training Details

  • Program:  Video Training Delivered Weekly In 6 Modules 
  • Location:  Computer, tablet, or smart phone
  • Dates:  Orientation Call Nov. 19, First Module Arrives Nov. 26
  • Breaks:  During Thanksgiving Week Nov. 20 - 23 - During Holiday Weeks Dec- 20 - Jan 4 - Class Resumes on Jan 7
  • Investment: $995



I Realize This Work Has Already Impacted Others 

Dr. Susan Connor – A Healing Vet:

“I will be eternally grateful I signed up for Ragini’s courses because I am really a very different person as evidenced by the fact my business is growing, and I have much more time available and so many more friends to enjoy. Her courses truly changed my life!”

Suryo Gardner – Energetic Healer & BodyTalk Instructor: 

"Clear, precise and inspiring! Ragini’s trainings gave me very practical wisdom that I have happily applied to the here and now of my daily life and professional life! It’s helped me enormously to understand my life from a different and more useful perspective."

CJ Liu, Host of ‘Fire It Up With CJ’ Radio Show:

In this video, CJ shares her personal experience of this work giving her a more in-depth understanding of what’s possible.  To watch the video, CLICK HERE →  CJ Liu Shares How Working With Ragini Changed Her Life For The Better

I Want To Reclaim My Time, Restore My Balance, & Regain My Peace Of Mind.


Thousands Of Others Have Embraced This Key To Creating A More 'Workable' Life.

It Is Within My Reach And I Want It Now!


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