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How To Stop The Heartbeat Giving Life To Limiting Beliefs!

Do you know what generates the power behind limiting beliefs? What keeps them beating so strong and steady?  And ... did you know this same power can be used to give new life to expanding beliefs?

Have you ever felt stymied by a client's intense attachment to a limiting belief - or their unequivocal defense of it - even as another part of them is simultaneously begging to be free of it? 

As you know, changing limiting beliefs can be very challenging. They are one of the toughest human experiences to navigate. And the results will often leave both you, and your client, feeling anxious, frustrated, and doubtful of your capabilities, either professional or personal.10711590_s

Although your client can be absolutely clear conceptually about what they WANT to believe, a limiting belief can behave just like a dog with a bone.  It simply will not let go.

Believe it or not, the power source for limiting and expanding beliefs is exactly the same.

Once you've discovered exactly what the source of that power is, you can show your clients how to free themselves from these debilitating prisons of thought.

Once free, they can re-claim their right, and responsibility, to use their personal power to better create the life they're desiring.

The results? Happier clients. More moments of personal and professional satisfaction.  And more of those wonderful referrals that grow and sustain a successful practice.

This Is What You'll Receive In This Training

  • 5 Enlightening Sessions - One Each Week For 5 Weeks

    You’ll discover exactly what gives limiting beliefs their power to rule your clients lives, despite their desire to give them up and leave them behind.  With this knowledge, you can guide your clients to free themselves and live their lives as they desire.

  • Audio AND Video Recording of Each Session

    You’ll have no need to listen quite so hard for each hour.  You can just relax, be present and learn,  knowing the entire session will be videotaped and will be in your hands FOREVER soon after the meeting ends.

  • Written Material Downloadable For My Convenience

    Whatever material is covered each week will also be available to you in written format. So whether you learn best listening, watching, reading, or experiencing, this course taps will tap into all of your multiple avenues of intelligence.

  • Immediate Personal Interaction With Ragini

    Since this course is limited to 8 participants, you can rest assured you will get to know Ragini and she will get to know you and help you learn in the best way she can to deepen and expand your professional expertise.

  • Time To Practice Via Breakout Sessions

    Although on-line, this training also offers you practice – LIVE and with another – which, during an on-line course, increases your learning potential exponentially, making on-line learning even more enjoyable and powerful.

  • 7 Simple Steps To Personal Spiritual Guidance

    BONUS!  Ragini’s original NLP process will help you develop your clients abilities to discern the difference between their various levels of guidance in any situation – external or internal.

Training Details

  • Dates:  May 18, 25, June 1, 8, 15
  • Time:  12 to 1 pm PST
  • Location:  Computer, tablet, or smart phone


  • Investment:  $175
  • Early Bird Discount:  $150 (by midnight May 11)


Ragini charges upwards of $175 for her personal time.  So at $175 for five sessions, this training is a great deal! 

♥ Each Session lasts 60 Minutes - a total of 5 Hours LIVE Training with Ragini

♥ Total of 8 Participants Guarantees Quality Personal Attention To Each   

♥ All Sessions Recorded & Videotaped For Your Future Reference

♥ Participation In All 5 Sessions Requested To Honor Integrity Of Group Learning Experience

♥ Written Material Included & Delivered In PDF Format

♥ 5 Session Format Offers Time To Practice, Generate Questions, & Receive Personal Feedback


Gain New Clarity, Confidence, & Skill Enabling You To Quickly Identify AND Free Your Client From, The Power of Those Imprisoning Limiting Beliefs.


pic-puzzle-iconSession 1:  The Three Situations That Can Keep Limiting Beliefs In Power PLUS Two Easy Ways To Uncover Those Limiting Beliefs You Know Are There But Can’t Quite Put Your Finger On

pic-puzzle-iconSession 2:  Discovering The Heartbeat That Keeps Limiting Beliefs Alive. Help Your Client Distinguish Between The Actual Truth Of A Limiting Belief From The FEELING That It Is Indeed True & Thus MUST Be Listened To

pic-puzzle-iconSession 3:  How To Help Your Client Release The Emotional Charge On Limiting Beliefs So They No Longer FEEL True, Removing Their Power Over Client’s Perception & Actions

pic-puzzle-iconSession 4:  Helping Your Client Understand The Mechanics Of Re-Directing Their Newly Claimed Power Toward Their Desired Outcome

pic-puzzle-iconSession 5:  Assessing The Actual Integration Of Their New, More Expanded Understandings At All Levels, In All Dimensions, and Through All Time & What May Be Interfering

You Can Help Your Clients Free Themselves Even More Easily By
Dissolving The Heartbeat Of Their Limiting Beliefs!

Enroll Today! Space Is Truly Limited.

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