2024 Calendar


Thoughtful, Sometimes Humorous, Always Beautiful


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 The theme for this year’s calendar is ‘The Sweet Scent Of Surrender’ – a tribute to the power of surrender’s invitation to let go and explore the delights of Love dancing through each moment of the Here and Now – to awaken to how our emotions and minds can cause us to miss surrender’s offer to our heart and soul to see with fresh eyes and a leap of faith. Being open to surrender’s invitation frees us to loosen up and gather the courage to explore the gifts that only letting-go can deliver.  

To highlight this year’s theme, each month offers a beautiful photograph (compliments of artists on Pixabay.com or Unsplash.com) and musings of the heart and soul stirred by the image. I did not design the calendar to keep appointments but to inspire you to take a moment and reconnect with your awareness, mindfulness, and presence each day of the month and year.

Feel free to download it for yourself or for a friend. Keep it on your computer or print it out.

Each month is designed to stand on its own and displays easily to catch your eye.

These vignettes of inquiry may parallel your own questions, desires, and challenges as your unique journey unfolds.

However you enjoy this year’s calendar, it is guaranteed
to evoke your insights and hopefully deepen your awareness of surrender’s invitation to let go and allow its gifts to transform your journey through the moments of Here and Now.

Please enjoy.

Much love, Ragini

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May you enjoy these musings and allow their invitation to stir even more awakenings within your heart and soul.

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