picture of river flowing thru snow covered banks and mountains


Thoughtful, Sometimes Humorous, Always Beautiful


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 The theme for this years’ calendar is “From Ice To Running Water’ – how our emotions and minds can freeze up our thoughts and ways of being and then begin to thaw and melt, freeing us to see with fresh eyes and a warmer heart.  This desire to loosen up and let go teases our longing for its presence, sometimes plays on our fear of its absence, demands our attention, and then begins its playful game of ‘hide and seek’.

Each month is graced by a beautiful photograph (compliments of artists on Pixabay.com) and musings of the heart and soul stirred by the image, and this year’s theme.

Feel free to download for yourself or for a friend.  Keep on your computer or print out.

Each month is designed to stand on its own and can be easily displayed to catch your eye.

These vignettes of inquiry may parallel your own questions, desires, and challenges as your own journey unfolds.

However you enjoy this year’s calendar, it is guaranteed
to evoke your own insights and hopefully deepen your own understandings.

Please enjoy.

Much love, Ragini